PCB-2125T Bariatric Toilet

Toilet frames and myriad other bath products are great, low-cost ways to beef up your toilet weight 
capacity, but it's not really addressing the underlying problem, is it? Over-frames have to be moved
 in and out of the way, causing delays and just generally being inconvenient. 
So what if, the toilet itself... was bariatric? Here we go! 

The PCB-WH2100 Series of toilets offer up a real, permanent solution to the problem associated with
something so simple as using the restroom. Made from 14 guage, stainless steel and formally holds 1200lbs,
 but it's actually quite a bit stronger than that. The exterior of the toilet is powder coated in white, while
the interior is a non-powder coated, satin finish. Available in two sizes for installation compliance
 (10" rough-in or 12" rough-in), and fitting standard residential hook-ups, you can formally stop worrying about the toilet! 

Guide Specification:
Fixture shall be
fabricated from 14 gage, type 304 stainless steel. Construction shall be seamless welded and
exterior surfaces are powder coated white. Housing to include side access panels. Toilet shall be an 
elongated bowl and self-draining flushing rim and include -HSBJ Big John® hinged toilet seat. Toilet shall 
meet ASME A112.19.3 and CSA B45.4 requirements. Toilet uses standard residential water inlet and waste outlet. 
Toilet trap shall have a minimum 3-1/2” seal and shall pass a 2-1/8” diameter ball and is fully enclosed. 
Toilet tank has a polyethylene inner liner and flushes with a ® conventional Fluid Master float/flapper mechanism.
Footprint: 24"w x 31 3/8" d
Height: 26 7/8"
Seat Height: 19"
Tank Height: 16 3/4"
Seat Capacity: 1,200lbs
Frame Capacity: 5000lbs
Gasket Waste Outlet: 7 1/2"
Ships in 3-4 Weeks via Tractor/Trailer
PCB-2125T Bariatric Toilet
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