PCB-1600 Bariatric Stretcher, 1000lbs capacity

The PCB-1600 Bariatric Trauma and E.R. stretcher will offer you the peace of mind that no matter what patient comes through your door, you are equipped to provide them with comfortable care and safety for the patient and staff alike! 


  • Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Fully electric operation 
  • Litter Size: • Width 37” (between side rails)
  • Overall width 40” 
  • Surface area Length 80” 
  • Litter Height: 20” – 28” 
  • Fowler rest at 55 degrees 
  • Knee gatch 
  • Pull/push handles, self-storin
  • Fold-down side rails
  • Approximately 12 cycles between battery charges
  • All surface 8” casters 
  • Four-wheel central locking brakes
  • Low shear fabric mattress cover


Ships in 4-6 Weeks or less via Tractor/Trailer, Fully Assembled

PCB-1600 Bariatric Stretcher, 1000lbs capacity
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  • Item #: PCB-1600
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Price $5,975.00